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Dažbog is one of the major gods of Slavic mythology and there is evidence that he was worshipped in all Slavic countries. It is assumed that he was a solar deity and possible cultural hero. If his name is translated literally, it means “giver of fortune”, which could be related to the Sun and sunlight, as Slavs saw the Sun as the source of life and the most positive force on Earth. 
When Christianity was spread to Slavic regions, he was portrayed as the biggest enemy of the Christian God and given demonic characteristics, a kind of ‘satanization’ of the pagan Slavic faith.


The Disrespectful Summons by Edward Gorey

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Robert Fludd -  Utriusque Cosmi Maioris Scilicet et Minoris Metaphysica, 1617

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This was originally supposed to be a post about the boogeyman (top gif), but I stumbled upon more of Duane Michel’s sequence photography, and they took my breathe away. 

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